Vehicle Stickers


Lemont Vehicle Stickers are required for all cars that are registered to a Village of Lemont address.These are 2 year stickers, with the new stickers being originally sold from August 1, 2017- July 31, 2019. Vehicle Stickers purchased prior to the July 31, 2017 deadline were $96 per passenger vehicle. (Other vehicle prices are listed in the chart below).

Upon the purchase of a new vehicle, or becoming a new Lemont resident, the owner shall have 30 days to purchase a Lemont vehicle sticker. If a sticker is not purchased within the stated time frame (30 days), a penalty of $50 will be charged.
Please bring in your corrected license plate registration showing your Lemont address, and/or purchase agreement (showing license registration to a Lemont address), along with the completed form listed below to obtain your sticker.

Fill out the Vehicle Sticker Application Form. Stickers may be purchased in person at both the Village Hall and Lemont Police Facility locations (Hours:8:30-5:00 P.M.) ,or by mail if directed to the Lemont Village Hall.

Village Hall
418 Main Street
Lemont, IL 60439

Lemont Police Facility
14600 127th Street
Lemont, IL 60439

If you have any questions , please call (630) 257-1550. 

 Vehicle Type Original Price
(June 1 - July 31, 2017)
Prorated Price
(Starting February 1, 2019)
Late Price
(After 30 Days + $50 Late Fee)
Motorcycles or
Motor Bicycles
 $78.00  $19.50  $69.50
Passenger Vehicles $96.00 $24.00 $74.00
Senior Citizen Auto $32.00 $8.00  $58.00
Senior Citizen Truck $40.00  $10.00 $60.00 
Trucks "B" License
(Pickup & R.V.)
$120.00 $40.00 $90.00
Trucks "D" and "F"
$210.00 $52.50 $102.50
Trucks "H" and "J"
through "Z"
$246.00 $61.50 $111.50
Buses and Motor Homes $114.00 $28.50  $78.50 
Antique Vehicles $12.00 $3.00 $53.00
Transfer or
Replacement Licenses
$6.00 $6.00 N/A
  ** Please note a $50 late fee will be added if purchasing the vehicle sticker late.

 If you have further questions you can contact the Village at 630-257-1550, or you can visit the following helpful links:

Illinois Secretary of State Website

Secretary of State Junk Vehicle Notification Form

Secretary of State Notice of Address Change Form

Secretary of State Seller's Report of Sale Form

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