Available Sites & Buildings

Please contact the Planning & Economic Development Department to discuss available properties in Lemont. We would be happy to assist you in locating land or buildings that suit your company's needs. In addition to working with you to identify properties, our office can also provide market opportunity reports for a particular site.

Mixed Use Properties for Sale

103 Stephen Street

Retail Properties for Sale

500 Main Street
Front Street Lofts Commercial Condos (320 River Street)
St. Matthew's Church (305 Lemont Street)

Retail Properties for Lease

Centennial Plaza (Jewel Shopping Center)
Long Run Marketplace (Target/Kohl's Shopping Center)
Lemont Village Square (1243 State Street)
Lemont Plaza (1052-1150 State Street)
Derby Plaza (14160 McCarthy Road)
12420 S. Archer Avenue
Rosewood Center (12261 Walker Road)
Rilly's Pointe (12371 Derby Rd)
114 Stephen Street

Office Properties for Sale

15947 127th Street
15884 127th Street
Derby Plaza (1400 block McCarthy Road)
110-116 Main Street

Office Properties for Lease

1011 State Street
106 Stephen Street
15850 New Avenue
310 Main Street
110-116 Main Street 15900 127th Street
Hillview Plaza (15329 127th Street)
15947 127th Street
The Courtyard (15419 127th Street)
1201 State Street

Industrial Properties for Sale

13511 Main Street
13467 Main Street
13769 Main Street

Industrial Properties for Lease

13275 Main Street

Land for Sale

16622 W. 127th Street
14315 McCarthy Road
132nd and State
12630 Archer Avenue 15701 W. 127th Street
McCarthy & Bell
17330 W. 135th Street
1002 State Street

The information above has been provided by private real estate brokers. The Village of Lemont does not guarantee the accuracy of the above information. Please verify any zoning with the Lemont Planning & Economic Development Department.