Income & Workforce Profile

Household Income

According to the Census Bureau, Lemont’s median household income was $89,309 in 2010. The median household income in Lemont's 60439 zip code is $100,035. The average--or mean--household income was higher: $82,347. Comparatively, the statewide median household income for Illinois in 2010 was $52,972 and the mean household income was $72,022.


Most people in Lemont are employed in “white collar” occupations. 70% of the employed civilian population over 16 years of age are either employed in management and professional related occupations or sales and office occupations.

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Educational Attainment

Lemont is a well educated community. The percentage of people in Lemont with a high school diploma or higher exceeds the Cook County and statewide percentages. Likewise, Lemont’s percentage of people with a bachelor’s degree or higher exceeds the statewide percentage by six percent.