Cook County State's Attorney Lawsuit


We are pleased to announce that we have a positive update on the Cook County State’s Attorney’s case against Lemont seeking to remove 17 properties from the Village of Lemont and place in unincorporated Cook County Jurisdiction. The Village has been actively defending the case since its filing on July 6, 2016. A similar case was previously brought against Lemont by the Village of Palos Park in February of 2016 in which the Village prevailed in July of 2016. The properties involved in the lawsuit were annexed over a period from 1996 to 2010. The Village has provided services to these properties since their annexation and currently represent several hundred homes, residents and property owners. 

The Village had previously communicated that we had settled with the Cook County State’s Attorney and under the settlement agreement, all property is to remain in the Village of Lemont. Prior to the judge approving and entering the settlement agreement, the Village of Palos Park filed a last-minute motion to intervene in the case, which delayed the approval of the settlement. The judge subsequently denied Palos Park’s motion to intervene in the case and has approved and entered the settlement. The settlement entered between the parties is in the best interest of the residents and property owners affected by the litigation and would allow all parties to move forward without more costly litigation. We would like to thank State’s Attorney Foxx and her team for their cooperation as we worked to settle the case. We would also like to thank the interveners in the case, specifically Lemont Township and Lemont Township School District 210, along with the affected property owners, residents, taxing bodies and other interested parties who showed patience, cooperation and resolve as we worked together to resolve the case. 

Unfortunately, the Village of Palos Park has filed its notice to appeal the ruling, which will lead to their attempt to bring this case once again. The Village of Lemont has been working diligently and is committed to stopping the unnecessary expenditure of tax payer dollars on litigation. We estimate that nearly $1 million dollars has already been spent between Lemont and Palos Park on litigation. Palos Park’s latest attempt to keep the case going will unfortunately cause both communities to continue this unnecessary expenditure of tax payer dollars. We will continue to move forward together as a community as we strive to conclude these matters, while working with all our neighboring property owners in the process. The Village will continue to update the community on the litigation as the case progresses in 2019. 

Community Meeting | May 17, 2018

Mayor Egofske and members of the Lemont Village Board are hosting an informational meeting for the residents and property owners affected by the Cook County State’s Attorney lawsuit against the Village of Lemont.  The Village has been actively defending against this action and desires to give updates on the status of the case. 

The meeting is intended for those specifically targeted by the action brought by the Cook County State’s Attorney including Village residents and property owners along Bell Road and the residential subdivisions of Kettering Estates, Enclave at Kettering, Glens of Connemara and Red Drive. 

The Meeting is scheduled for Thursday, May 17, 2018, at 6:30 p.m. at the Lemont Police Department at 14600 127th Street.

This is the first of a series of meetings as the case progresses.  If you are unable to attend please contact the Village’s Administration Office at 630-257-1590 or for information from the meeting and future meetings dates. 

The Village of Lemont received notification in July of a lawsuit filed by the Cook County State's Attorney challenging the Village's annexation of 17 parcels of property.

The Village prepared a Public Notice and a Statement from the Mayor. You can view these, and the lawsuit at the following links in a pdf:

State's Attorney Lawsuit
Statement from Mayor Reaves
Public Notice from the Village of Lemont

Questions regarding the lawsuit can be directed to Village Administrator, George Schafer, by calling 630-257-1590 or email

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