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Lemont Comprehensive Plan Update
Lemont 2030 Logo

New Comprehensive Plan Approved
The Village Board of Trustees approved Lemont 2030, a new comprehensive plan for the Village of Lemont on Monday, November 24, 2014.   

 Lemont 2030 Full Plan  
 Lemont 2030 - Plan Chapters  
Cover & Table of Contents Our Economic Prosperity
Introduction Our Natural Resources & Recreation
Our Place in the Region Our Homes
Our Vision for Lemont Our Mobility
Our Civic Life
Our Community Character (includes Future Land Use Map)

Lemont Pioneer Award
Thank you to all who submitted a nomination for the Lemont Pioneer Award.  Recipients of the award are featured in the Lemont 2030 Comprehensive Plan in the form of an honorary profile at the introduction of the chapter for which they were awarded. Recipients were also acknowledged at the Mayors State of the Village in 2015. 

A pioneer is defined as a person or group that originates or helps open up a new line of thought or activity. Lemont was established with a pioneering spirit and will continue to flourish as new pioneers shape the future. The 6 recipients of the award have either contributed to shaping the Lemont of today or may exemplify the vision and principles of Lemont’s tomorrow as outlined in one of the 6 comprehensive plan chapters. 

Lemont 2030 Supporting Documents
Additional documents that informed and supported the Lemont2030 chapters are the 2012 Lemont Active Transportation Plan , the Lemont Target Industries Report and the Lemont Housing Analysis.

A Vision for Lemont

Lemont’s comprehensive plan update began in late 2011 with a strong start. Over 400 people took time to provide input on their vision for Lemont's future. Village staff have used the comprehensive plan survey responses to develop draft vision statements for the comprehensive plan and for the plan’s major focus areas. On Wednesday, November 16, 2011 the Planning and Zoning Commission worked together with residents to refine these draft statements. The draft vision statements presented on the 16th are available here.

The full Comprehensive Plan Survey results are available for download.  Thank you to the over 400 people who took time to give their input.  The word cloud below visually depicts the most commonly repeated responses to one of the survey's most important questions, "What is your vision for Lemont?" 

Vision Word Cloud


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