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September 2019

Lemont Police:  Stopping for School Buses is the Law

Lemont, IL
- In 2013, the State of Illinois enacted state legislation authorizing the use of exterior bus cameras to capture drivers illegally passing school buses.  This issue has become highlighted after the fatal crashes of students in Indiana.  

Lemont-Bromberek School District 113A installed cameras on their buses for the purpose of recording motorists who disobey the stop arms and flashing lights on the buses while children are present.  Gorski Bus Company, which provides service for Lemont High School District 210 students, has relayed to Lemont Police many instances in recent years when motorists have disobeyed the stop arms.  The Lemont Police and School Districts 113A and 210 all take these violations very seriously and share the concern for student safety.  Police want to prevent a tragedy like the one that occurred in Indiana, where three children were killed at their bus stop because of a passing violation.  

The Illinois vehicle code prohibits traffic from either direction from passing a school bus while its lights are flashing and the stop arm is out, unless the road is four full driving lanes divided by a solid line or barrier.  Police urge residents to review and know the law to ensure the children's safety.  







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