Reporting Potholes / Damage


Typical Pothole

Potholes - no one likes them, but yet they seem to pop up by magic overnight. In reality potholes are created in a number of ways. The most common way is when water seeps into cracks in the surface of the road and combined with the vibration of the tires over the cracks, causes the asphalt to fail. Even more so because of our freeze and thaw cycles, the water seeps into the cracks, then freezes turning to ice, causing expansion forcing the pavement to rise. With vehicle traffic pushing downward the continuous cycle causes the asphalt to fail creating a pothole.

Although the Public Works Department goes out routinely filling and repairing potholes, we know we cannot find them all, so we rely on the public to report potholes when they see them.

To report a pothole, please call Public Works at (630) 257-2532.
You can also Report a Concern to Public Works at "Report A Concern" online.
Not All Streets are Maintained by the Village
Though this is the Village of Lemont, not all streets are maintained by the Village. Some roadways fall under the jurisdiction of other entities.
  • To report a pot hole on Main Street from Wheeler Drive to the east to Archer Avenue,  McCarthy Road to Archer Avenue or on Archer Avenue, Call IDOT's Alsip yard at (708) 448-0050.
  • To report a pothole on New Avenue from Lockport Street west to Archer Avenue, Call IDOT's Joliet yard at (815) 722-6652.
  • To report a pothole on Walker Road from McCarthy Road north to Main Street or on 127th Street from Archer Avenue west to Smith Road, Call the Cook County Highway Department at (708) 448-8006.