Sanitary Sewer System

Sanitary Sewer Backups

Always call the Village prior to calling a plumber when you experience a sanitary sewer backup or when you feel the problem may be caused outside of the home. A Public Works representative will be dispatched to check the main Sanitary sewer at no cost to you. This information will be useful to you in the event you need to call a plumber. The Village only maintains the Main Sanitary Sewer Line.

When a Plumber is Needed

There are several choices of plumbers. It's a good idea to get price quotes from more than one plumber so you can compare prices. Keep in mind that most plumbers will charge extra for nights, weekends or holidays. Be sure to let the plumber know if there are any large trees over the service line or a history of plumbing problems.


Tree Roots

Root Growth Tree roots thrive in a warm moist nutrient rich environment which is why they seek out sanitary sewer pipes, being a perfect place for them to flourish. Different types of pipe are more susceptible to root growth. Plastic or PVC pipes are more resistant to root intrusion because it likely has fewer and more tightly sealed joints. Clay tile pipe, that was commonly installed by contractors until the late 1980s was easily penetrated and damaged by tree roots.