Northern Will County Water Agency


Five communities have joined together to form a new water agency with the purpose of controlling water rate increases and to explore the feasibility of acquiring the Lake Michigan water transmission line which runs from Bedford Park to the southwest suburbs. By acquiring or purchasing the transmission line from Illinois American, the water agency will be able to control the water rates. The Water Agency is comprised of the Villages of Bolingbrook, Homer Glen, Lemont, Romeoville and Woodridge. The initial meeting of the agency was held on June 11, 2012.

Why is Lemont Participating?

Between 2003 and 2012, water rates for customers being serviced by Illinois American have increased by more than 50 percent to unprecedented levels. By obtaining ownership of the pipeline from the privately owned water company, customers would be able to save substantial money on water over time. Although a limited amount, the Village of Lemont does have 17 customers that are currently being served by Illinois American. In addition, the Village Board feels it is important to support our neighboring communities in reducing its water rate for its residents. The good news is that the cost is prorated based on number of residents Illinois American serves, so the cost to the Village is minimal.

Cost Sharing Among Agency Members

Expenses of the Agency are prorated between the Villages based on the number of Illinois American customers in each community. Current percentages are:

Percentage Customers
Bolingbrook 78.7% 23,000
Homer Glen 20.6% 6,000
Lemont .059% 17
Romeoville .022% 6
Woodridge .684% 200

Additional Information

Northern Will County Water Agency Fact Sheet

2013 Water Agency Budget

The Northern Will County Water Agency meets quarterly, and the Village of Lemont will be posting all agendas at the following link:

Northern Will County Water Agency Agenda Archive 2019 and prior

Northern Will County Water Agency Agendas 2020 and Beyond