Branches / Leaves

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Collection Requirements

Yard waste collection services is included as part of your weekly collection program. Free Landscape Waste Pick-Up resumes April 1 on your regular pick-up day and extends through the first full week of December. Residents with yard waste materials may simply place the materials in a kraft-type paper bag, up to 33 gallons capacity. Shrubbery cuttings, tree branches and twigs must be placed either in a Kraft paper bag or in a securely tied bundle. Ties must be made of string or twine. Branch bundles must not exceed 4 feet in length. Bags containing landscape waste and/or branch bundles cannot exceed 50 pounds in weight.

Residents may rent a 96-gallon cart for waste collection through Waste Management for a charge of $4.00 per month or they can be purchased for $105 each. Carts purchased for the disposal of yard waste must be clearly identified by the resident for disposal of yard waste.


Residents should direct any questions regarding their waste collection to Waste Management at 800-796-9696.