Snow Removal

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Snow and ice removal from Village streets, parking lots and sidewalks that lead to Village buildings is one of the most visible programs provided by the Village of Lemont. This service affects virtually every household, resident and visitor and is essential for safe and continued vehicular and pedestrian movement in our community. Careful planning is essential in order to assure a timely response to winter conditions.

The primary goal of the snow removal and ice control program is to maintain safe travel routes during and following snowstorms, as well as to restore mobility for the traveling public within a reasonable time frame following cessation of storm conditions. To accomplish this goal the fleet is equipped with plows and computerized salt spreaders. Public Works personnel are trained in the use of snow removal and salting equipment to ensure safety and efficiency.

Procedure For Snow Removal

The Public Works Department has developed a policy for snow removal and ice control which outline objectives, areas which are plowed and salted, crew rotations, and equipment to be utilized. Snow and ice control operations begin before hazardous road conditions are expected. Control operations generally begin with an application of salt to the hazardous pavement. Plowing commences after snow accumulates to an inch or more. To ensure streets with the highest volume of traffic or in critical areas are cleared first, streets are prioritized.

Your cooperation with the odd-even parking regulations will make this job easier and more efficient. Please avoid shoveling snow into the street. If possible always shovel snow to right of your driveway this will minimize the amount of snow that gets pushed back when the snow plow goes past your driveway.

The goal of the Public Works Department is to remove snow from all streets within six hours after the conclusion of a significant snowfall.

Streets and Roadways Priority System

  • Priority 1: Primary roadways are roadways with high traffic volume, roadways adjacent to schools, hills and emergency vehicle access roads.
  • Priority 2: All other secondary roadways with moderate vehicle traffic.
  • Priority 3: Cul-de-sacs and dead ends.

The most heavily traveled roads (Priority 1 and 2) are targeted first and the least traveled roads (Priority 3) are last.

The Public Works Department has divided the Village into 9 different zones to ensure that the snow removal and ice control is being handled in a timely manner.

New Salting Procedures

In an effort to conserve road salt and to be kinder to the environment, the Public Works Department has developed some new procedures for salting. Major streets designated as primary routes, hills, curves and all intersections will continue to be salted as usual. Residential streets that are relatively flat will be salted only at intersections. Salt remains the most effective means of breaking the bond between ice and the street, especially with Lemont's unique topography.

Odd & Even Parking


Snow Removal Parking Restrictions

After a snowfall of two inches or more has occurred, vehicles in the street are subject to odd-even restrictions. "Odd-Even" restrictions require that cars can park on the odd side of the street on odd numbered days, and the even side of the street for the even numbered days.It is important to note that the new day starts at 9:00am. Any further questions on the regulation, please contact Public Works Department 630-257-2532.